Dead Island Riptide Needs New Weapons and Four More Things We Want to See

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bill-swift - July 24, 2012

Summer is a time for gamers...

Sure the beaches are filled with the preppy girls and their muscle-bound boyfriends and the wealthy families are going on vacation to God-knows-where but when you really dig down beneath the surface, summer belongs to us. Why? Well because it's prime time for video game released and announcements. E3, Comic-Con and the upcoming Gamescom where video game developers bring their 'A' game to build hype around their company and upcoming titles.

One game I've been keeping my eye closely on is the upcoming sequel to Dead Island by Deep Silver. Dead Island still sits as one of my favorite games but I do realize that many fans wouldn't agree with me on that one. The gaming community has debated back and forth over whether Deep Silver's tropical survival horror game is a hit or miss.

Regardless, Deep Silver seems to think Dead Island was good enough for a sequel since they mentioned back at E3 2012 that 'Dead Island: Riptide' was coming. They also claimed that there would be some sort of big reveal later in the summer. Fast forward almost two months and summer is coming to a close...so where's my Riptide? The last big gaming convention of the summer 'Gamescon' is right around the corner so this is really Deep Silver's last chance to stay true to their previous statement. In anticipation of this possible forthcoming event, I've made a list of the five things that I want to see on my trip back to the island (or wherever it's taking place this time).