David Petraeus Mistress Just Might Be This Hottie Biographer, Paula Broadwell

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bill-swift - November 10, 2012

We know shit about politics and governmental affairs here at Egotastic!, but we know dudes hella well. And I don't care if your Sanford, my neighbor's male dog who rub himself up against a tree trunk for hours on end, or you're a many-stars Army general and Director of the CIA, men are, well, like Sanford, men are dogs. Doesn't mean we can't restrain ourselves with force of will, it just means we've been around the block enough to never be surprised by these kinds of stories.

Check out Paula Broadwell, the hottie military biographer who was 'embedded' with General Petraeus and who many are now saying is the mistress in question, causing him to resign his post today as CIA Director.

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