David Lynch Throws On A Cape For Pedophile Polanski and Louis C.K.

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elliot-wolf - June 29, 2018

Defending pedophiles is becoming sport. When you’re accomplished, well-respected, and wealthy chances are you’re going to get bored being at the top of the hill. So why not bring out the megaphone and blast your opinions out to the people down below. You look like a god from their perspective anyway. David Lynch wants everyone to know that sexual misconduct allegations have a grey area. Time is just an illusion and age is just a social construct. That girl Roman Polanski met at the party was only 13 if you believe in silly things like the rules. And rules were meant to be broken like underage hymen if you ask Polanski. But most importantly David wants the audience to separate the art from the artist. Lynch must be a hit conversationalist at Beverly Hills dinner parties. “Hitler may have stuck human beings in ovens alive but have you seen his attention detail with watercolor? It’s wunderbar!”

Filmmaker David Lynch has thoughts on the “tricky business” of sexual misconduct accusations, specifically the ones posed against fellow Hollywood heavyweights, Louis C.K. and Roman Polanski, and how “what we know about about an artist’s life affect our attitudes about the artist’s work.”

“I would hope it doesn’t.” “Louis C.K.’s done a lot of really funny stuff. It would be a shame for people not to experience those things anymore. There are probably thousands and thousands of examples of people who had screwed-up lives and didn’t do the best things but did great work.

Roman Polanski: People were writing things about him when he went to Switzerland and got arrested — things like he should be hung. Things get a little out of hand. You feel terrible for anyone who’s been a victim. This subject is tricky business.”“And political correctness came in,” Lynch continued. “I don’t know if that’s a good thing. You can’t make laws to change people.“Transcendental Meditation is the only thing I know of that over time would change people for the good on the deepest level,” Lynch said.

Everything is closed in, and people still have strange desires that are not fitting in with today’s life. I feel so bad for those people. Pedophiles: They’re born and they’ve got this sickness that they don’t know how to deal with. Instead of repressing it we need to get people help so no one gets hurt.”

I can understand him wanted to defend Louis C.K. but Roman isn’t on that same ship. Louis was just a weirdo most likely into getting off from humiliation. Because what man honestly asks a woman to watch him choke chicken instead of actual intercourse. That’s like opting for a handy instead of a blowie. There’s a hierarchy for the best ways a male can achieve an orgasm and Louis needs to go over the listed chart again because he seems confused.

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