David Guetta’s Girlfriend In A Thong Bikini Can Guetta It

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earl-jonas - March 13, 2019

DJ David Guetta is known for churning out chart-topping hits, but it's his girlfriend's top that you'll want to hit. Rite gentlemen. Guetta and his longtime lover Jessica Ledon got some R&R on the beach in Miami, and the paps happened to be on hand to give us a great look at Ledon's T&A. Her tiny thong reveals two cheeks that just need to be squeezed, and her top perfectly accentuates her huge perfect boobs. Guetta has a net worth of - I hope you're sitting down for this - $75 million, so it's no wonder he can afford to keep such an attractive girlfriend around. Talk about incentive. Ledon, if you ever want someone who's roughly $75 million poorer than your current boo, you know where to find me.

Photo Credit: MEGA

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