Darth Vader Runs Through Death Valley

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bill-swift - July 6, 2013

Darth Vader ran a mile in 129 degree heat in Death Valley in 6 minutes and 36 seconds. By Darth Vader I mean some douche named Jonathan Rice dressed like the Dark Lord of the Sith. Why would anyone in their right mind run in 129 degree heat much less wearing a black plastic costume? Right mind is the operative word. Apparently, Rice is an enthusiast of something called hot running...which is exactly what it sounds like. I've never understood the appeal of extreme sports, maybe because I'm a fat lazy blogger. Why can't you just jog like a normal person? You're obviously doing this to get attention. I'm pretty sure that if you run down any road in America dressed like Darth Vader people are going to stare and you aren't risking dehydration and death. If this moron isn't careful he's going to end up on a Vader-like respirator for real. I hope the Empire has a good insurance plan.

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