Darth Vader Cufflinks: The Dark Side of Your Cuff

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bill-swift - October 4, 2014

Nobody's going to be handing Darth Vader any fashion awards anytime soon (unless he's got them by his lightsaber), but you gotta admit, he at least gets an award for being consistent. Signature cape, signature helmet, signature gloves, signature shin guards, signature black everything. His helmet is probably one of the most easy to recognize out of all villain helmets out there--and now you can wear it on your sleeve.

Don't be one of those dudes who wear their hearts on those sleeves (yuk!) Be a bad-ass with Vader on your cuffs instead with these Darth Vader cufflinks. They're handmade with a fixed black closure that'll add a little zing to your otherwise plain outfit.

Get It: $20

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