Daphne Joy Thongtastic Red Bikini In Mexico

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bill-swift - March 15, 2016

I've never heard a Jason Derulo song before I don't think, but if he's not singing about the pleasures related to having a wicked hot Daphne Joy on vacation in her bikini and presumably less down Mexico way, then what's the point of writing songs? Wait, this is 2016, does he write songs? I know I've got several melodies related to mammaries whilst perusing Daphne in her red hot and revealing bikini.

I'm not sure exactly how many bikinis Daphne went through South of the Border, but each and every one of them was a tribute to her bodaciously curved poolside body that surely must've had the necks cranking in Cabo. That thong alone probably isn't even street legal, but who's going to file the first complaint? Not I says the ogling gentleman peering out from beneath his sunglasses and copy of Mexican Playboy. Oops. Too obvious. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Splash