Daphne Joy Flashes Major Cleavage at a Club in Las Vegas

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bill-swift - September 26, 2014

The spectacularly boobtacular Daphne Joy filled us all when she left her funbags half hanging out of her dress at a club in Las Vegas. She was wearing a gold dress that could barely contain her ginormous ta-tas. Seriously, talk about contents under pressure. Oh, the sweet cleav, my friends. It was a sight to behold and how I would like to be holding them. See what I did there? Daphne has a teeny tiny waist which only makes her incredibly large yum yums look even bigger. Also the dress was super tight. Like, I don't know how she got in it and stuffed her chi-chis in them tight.

I guess it's one of those mysterious woman things like why they always go to the bathroom together or how they can take their bras off without removing their shirts. That's some wizard crap right there.