Daphne Joy Bikini Boobtastic Blowing Up Down Mexico Way

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bill-swift - March 12, 2016

By way of disclaimer, Daphne Joy is currently dating Jason Derulo and that lucky bastard is on this Mexican beach vacation with Daphne but we obviously cut him out of all photos because men are lame and especially so the ones who get to live the life of honeydipping Reilly. In short, I'm crazy jealous so he goes bye-bye.

In his place, even more clear and bodacious photos of the crazy racktastic Daphne Joy in a bikini that must be impossibly strong to keep in her XXL muttons. If you're not imagining what springs forth when she takes off her top back at the room, you need to get your imagination gears checked by a doctor. You're not using them right. Magnificent mammaries unfurled like the most mesmerizing flag ever. Sometimes you wonder if a certain hot woman might be too chest blessed to pull off the minimal swimsuit. The answer is always, you have to at least try. We the gentleman oglers hiding in the trees around your Mexican resort do thank you. Palm fronts never feel good when riding you in your sensitive places. But this was so worthwhile. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash