Daphne Joy and Her Cleavage of Joy Host Hottie Even at the Cosmo

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bill-swift - October 18, 2014

Thanks to our friend Garry from for these cleansing photos of Daphne Joy and her mounds of joy, no nuts. She really has started to grow on me. The girl formerly known mostly as 50 Cent's baby mama has become a chesty celebrity in her own right by way of deep deep cleavage at Hollywood events. You might call that a minor accomplishment, but try telling that to her epic funbags on display last night at The Cosmo for some super party that forgot to invite me, Mr. Party, to their event.

Sometimes, a good looking woman with enormous knockers in a low cut dress is all you need to turn your boring affair into a party to remember. Actually, that's true pretty much all the time. If Daphne Joy is available, I'm definitely inviting her to my Canada Day parties in the future, because admittedly, they have kind of sucked in the past. Go big or go home. Enjoy.