Danielle Lloyd Bikini Body Rocking and Booty Shaking Vegas Poolside

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bill-swift - June 10, 2014

Danielle Lloyd, the former Miss Great Britain scandalized by being tossed of her title for posing topless in Playboy (as if we're not going to see that later today), got her mojo working at one of them fancy pools at a Casino in Vegas, rocking her tight bikini body to the sounds of some famous DJ I'm sure I couldn't name if you paid me. And you should pay me for naming DJs, so I can afford the moon roof for my van.

Danielle Lloyd got married so she has some new last name, but she'll always be Danielle Lloyd to me. The hot pageant girl shunned for baring her boobtastic. I can't think of a great martyrs cause than that, especially give how crazy alluring her tanned body is. Just look at her do the cabbage patch. Or, just look at her cabbage patch, Your choice. Enjoy.