Danielle Knudson Is Pure Canuckian Heat for Guess Denim

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bill-swift - January 25, 2014

Egotastic! absorbs heat anywhere we can find it. I mean, assuming it doesn't involve too much work. We all have our limitations. But within the realm of semi-ambitious lusters of hot women, we do keep our eyes open for the sextastic in all quarters. Including advertising for the ladies, when it includes blonde hotties like Danielle Knudson, Canadian blonde bombshell, showing off her sweet body.

Danielle is featured in the Spring and Summer collection for Guess Denium, showing off the new line of what you'll see all the fashionable mall girls wearing come April. And, lest you think Danielle's beauty might be the byproduct of photographic artifice, we found a few Polaroids of Danielle from her teen model casting days when trying to break into the business. Untouched hotness potential.

Welcome to Egotastic!, Danielle. Take off your denim and linger awhile. Enjoy.