Daniela Ruah Runs Toward You in A Bikini — It’s Just Like Your Dream

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bill-swift - September 20, 2012

I'm sure you have this dream too. Bad-arse brunette Daniela Ruah from NCIS is running toward you, her fit body gives way to a bit of bouncing mammaries as her bikini covered chest puppies flop up and down with each desperate moment to reach you in time for.... in time for what?

Well, as far as in my dream, it would not be appropriate in this family friendly environment to state exactly what happens when Daniela reaches me, but let's just say, the 'C' in NCIS no longer stands for Criminal. As for you, if you happen to be a fan of the entirely inexplicably underrated hottie Daniela Ruah, then, I bet you have a doozy of your own. Enjoy.