Daniela Lopez Osorio And Bella Hadid Spandex For Victoria’s Secret

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bill-swift - January 8, 2016

Latin bombshell Daniela Lopez Osorio and one half of the super wonder sexy twins Bella Hadid showed off their curves in Spandex workout gear for Victoria's Secret. It's no secret, (tee hee), that Daniela has some tremendous chichis. That is obvious to everyone with eyeballs. But the rest of her is pretty incredible too. Did you see her thigh gap? You could drive a truck through it. And Bella, of course, is a babe and a half. Her booty is my personal favorite part of her body and it looks exquisite in the tight workout pants she has on. Seriously, I'm working up a sweat just looking at them. I guess that's my workout for the day.

Spandex really is a miracle space age fabric. If, that is, it is used in the right way. On Daniela or Bella is the right way. Those European guys at the beach in tiny Spandex banana hammocks is the wrong way. 

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret