Daniela Lopez Osorio Alluring To a Heavenly Degree in Black and White and No Clothes All Over

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bill-swift - December 17, 2015

Super hot Colombiana bikini model Daniela Lopez Osorio looks even hotter without her bikini on. Who would've thunk it? Well, I dreamed it many times of course. 

Featured in this Max Papendieck shoot all kinds of unclothed and barely covered in black and white, the colors of art, Daniela shows off her inner hot feminine beguiling self by way of holding her own sultry melons and giving that look that makes men do really stupid things. Stupid good, stupid bad. Both in equal measure. I'm quite sure that look in combination with that ridiculously hot body is registered as a lethal weapon. Daniela, I'm prepared to be defenseless. If you lower your arms, I'm prepared to collapse to the floor in a mound of wobbly jelly. I may not make it through this. Please write 'died happy' in my obit. Daniela, you're the bomb. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Max Papendieck