Daniel Day-Lewis and Lesley Manville Have a Food Fight in ‘Phantom Thread’ Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - March 30, 2018

As someone who worships at the altar of P.T. Anderson, it's no surprise that I adored his latest effort, Phantom Thread, and am keen to own it so I can watch it again and again. Anderson's never been big on conventional deleted material, so this new deleted scene from the film—courtesy of Entertainment Tonight—is something of a rare treat.

This deleted presumably occurs after Lesley Manville's masterful "Don't pick a fight with me" monologue, which currently ends with Daniel Day-Lewis' Reynolds Woodcock accepting defeat. In this deleted scene, however, he unleashes a temper tantrum and ends up pouring tea down her back. The second take gets even messier, and Day-Lewis even cracks a rare smile at the end of it all.

I urge you to give Phantom Thread a watch when it hits Blu-ray on April 10. If you go into it with the right mindset—that it's going to be long and slow but ultimately really weird and rewarding of your patience—you'll come out the other side appreciating it as a unique and brittle character study. However, if you're one of those "the emperor has no clothes" P.T.A. haters, just don't bother. There's nothing for you to see here.