Danica Patrick Bikini Candids Will Start Your Man-gines

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bill-swift - December 6, 2011

I know for many of your car racing fans, the biggest move ever by Danica Patrick was transitioning from IndyCar to NASCAR, but for us here at Egotastic!, specifically this past weekend, it was the monumental moment when Danica Patrick took off her clothes and revealed some wicked bikini candids on her Hawaiian vacation. Oh, yes, our telescopic lenses travel deep into the Pacific Ocean archipelagoes, where land masses formed by volcanic eruptions forms a pretty good analogy to what happened to us here upon first seeing these Danica Patrick bikini pictures. 

Let's face it, a super hot woman who knows how to drive a car (oh, snap, we're going to get letters on that one) is a true work of art hanging in a museum designed just for the gentleman ogler. Enjoy.