Dania Ramirez Hot Cleavetastic Pregnant Mama at Latina Gala

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bill-swift - September 27, 2013

If you lusted Dania Ramirezbefore, and you just happen to have a preggo hottie woman fetish like me and three million of my closest friends, or if you just like seeing big chest puppies on display in low cut dresses (which means everybody here should be covered), then the sight of Dania Ramirez on the red carpet ought to move you.

The sultry former Entourage starlet is with-twins, so she's bursting at many seams, and while there are those of you squeamish around such burgeoning curves, you know well what I would like to do with Dania and perhaps a large tub of water to help support her weight. That's right, scrub her back with my signature line of loofah sponges as I croon sweet canciónes and we both weep from the tenderness. That followed by eighteen hours of non-stop bumping of the uglies. The plan needs a little fine tuning, but I'm feeling pretty good about it overall. Dania, call me. Enjoy.