Dani Thorne Covered In Black Paint For Artsy Fun Peeks

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bill-swift - June 26, 2015

It's unclear why Dani Thorne is covered in black paint. If Bella's older sister was naked over at my place, that's not the first activity I'd recommend. It's probably not even on my top 100, and certainly after making bologna sandwiches on her hiney. I mean, c'mon, where are our priorities?

Nevertheless, the hottie sister celebrity took her sweet female form to Bello magazine, allowed her fun parts to be covered in obscuring black paint, and preened and curled up in various semi-demure, semi-exhibitionist positions. She's kind of like a human Rorschach test. What do you see? I wrote down my own answer and buried it in a time capsule. Some of the words that came to my mind have yet to be even invented. Please open in a more enlightened era when I will be judged more fairly. Suffice it to say, Dani, you do inspire a man to prurient thoughts. Now, let's go find that paint remover. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bello Magazine

Dani Thorne bikini modeling, it's a thing alright, a ginger family thing.

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