Dan Harmon Has Some Very Very Strong Opinions About ‘Community’ Season 4

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bill-swift - June 18, 2013

So Dan Harmon got his job back at Community and will return to Executive Produce / Showrun Season 5. Phew. All good news, right? Well, with his new/old job re-secured he just had to watch Season 4 for catching-up purposes.

And what did he think? Well, Mr. Harmon's got a weekly 'Harmontown' podcast / comedy show and this week he revealed his feelings. He starts out pretty nice and pretty tame, he felt comfortable calling the season not his cup of tea. He felt it was merely impression and a paltry one at that. Then he went all hardcore, saying:

Man, watching those characters without me there, man it was like flipping through Instagram just watching your girlfriend blow everyone.

Harsh. But, y'know, pretty true. Best, least harsh thing to come out of Harmontown this week? He reached out to Bill Murray for Season 5. No word on what will happen with that, but woah, that would be kind of amazing.