Damn It, Too Late For Valentine’s: Resident Evil T-Virus Perfume Arrives

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chris-littlechild - March 21, 2016

  Here’s the thing about video games. It’s not just about the games. Any series/title worth being assed about will come with seven shit-tons of merchandise in tow, because our cash. Take an ogle at special editions and collectors editions and such, they just go crazy with it all. Figures, soundtrack CDs, fancy-ass linen maps of the game world, much nuttier things besides. 

The bigger names in games have their own media empires. Resident Evil is a great one for this, what with its movies (live action and animated, none of which were too shit), musical, stage show, branded energy drinks, clothing, big ol’ freaking PS2 controller shaped like a chainsaw… along with all the usual stuff, natch.

There’s a lot for nerdly collectibles fans to horde. So, the question: what do you buy for the gamer with the huge Resident Evil boner who has everything?

Essence of T-virus, that’s what. Over at Capcom’s store, this limited edition scent has arrived. I’ve no idea why this is a thing, as the virus seemed to have no problem spreading by itself in the games. Still, for a convenient ‘spray and decay’ infection, this is the way to go. Not that most who’d buy this would ever dream of opening it up and actually using it.

Still, if you’re curious as to how it smells, Rocket News 24 has the answer:

Keeping the T-virus in mind, the perfumers decided to mimic the highly infectious and explosive dispersal characteristics of the fictional virus when crafting the scent. This probably means that it’s going to smell pretty strong and get on everything. 

So there you go. Enjoy, from March 26.

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