Damn, ‘Dark Souls 3,’ That’s A Sweet-Looking Custom Console You Have There

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chris-littlechild - May 9, 2016

  So, Dark Souls III, huh? The game’s been doing the rounds for a lil’ bit now, and you probably know what it’s all about by this point. You’ve played yourself, or you’ve watched someone or other on YouTube doing so. Because, as we know, a lot of gaming these days involves sitting on your ass and watching someone else play online.

If you have been getting your Dark Souls 3 on, you’ll have noticed that this isn’t the game where Dark Souls went soft. This isn’t Dora The Explorer’s Simple And Cutesy-Ass Journey to Grandma’s House. In Dark Souls 3, Grandma is a twenty-foot tall undead demon knight thing that lives in a huge freaking castle, and she wants to crush your scrote into spam.  

It’s fiendishly difficult as always, is what I’m getting at here. With From Software’s titles, teeny slips can and will end you. When this happens against a bastard of a boss with the faintest slither of health left, on the fortieth attempt at the fight, it can be ragetastic.   

For those of us who have heaved their PS4s out of the window of their apartment on the sixteenth floor, here’s just the replacement. A pretty darn sexy custom Dark Souls-flavored console, from Belgian mod-master Vadu Amka.

It’s made from polished rosewood and brushed aluminium, Kotaku reports, and is really more something to treasure and stroke with your best Gollum impression than game on. Very nice. Here are some more shots to take a closer ogle at:


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