Dallas Stars Ice Girls Make the Most of NHL’s Lockout the Best Way They Know How

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bill-swift - October 19, 2012

You just don't see stuff like this when there's a hockey season about to get underway. It seems the Dallas Stars Ice Girls are taking this lack of NHL action and lingering labor dispute/stalemate pretty hard. It's been so difficult that the only way to relieve the stress was to head to the nearest watersports complex, hop on a houseboat and start lip-synching some song about partying on a houseboat. The creative juices flowing here are self evident and we're all just fortunate they had the good sense to bring along a camera to capture all of that synching.

As multitalented as these women may be, let's hope they can all soon return to their day jobs scraping ice shavings off of the floor of American Airlines Center very soon. Definitely want to see more of that and less of this. Yeah.

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