Dallas Mavericks Dancers Going Too Skimpy? Perish the Thought!

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bill-swift - November 10, 2012

As a blogger/writer guy with an opinion and an outlet it is my duty to bring to you the reader the most interesting, thought provoking, and dare I say sometimes provocative stories I can find.  So when I heard that there were people claiming that the lovely ladies that entertain the crowds at Dallas Mavericks games were wearing outfits that were too skimpy (is there such a thing?) I had to investigate!

The things I'll do for you guys...

I thought that it would not be too surprising to see the Mavs cross the line here. Mark Cuban is a savvy businessman. I'm sure he knows all too well that sex sells. With a gorgeous group of ladies like he has it is his duty as a entrepreneur to dress them in as little as possible for the enjoyment of fans everywhere!

The research was brutal, but like I said--for you guys I'll do it. In the end I think the results will speak for themselves. Too little? Dare I say when it comes to cheerleaders/dancers can there be such a thing? Compare the new ones with the old ones, and it's a little odd to see people just now complaining.

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