The Dallas Cowboys Are Worth More Than $2 Billion; 19 Other NFL Teams More Than $1 Billion

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michael-garcia - September 6, 2012

Not that any of us needed anymore proof that the NFL is king, but just released their latest list of the NFL team values and 20 of the 32 are worth more than one billion dollars, while the Dallas Cowboys top the list with a value of $2.1 billion.

You have to hand it to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones here. First off, he paid $150 million in 1989 for the team and the lease to the stadium. Now he owns the new Cowboys Stadium, which he earns $80 million off annually in sponsorship deals. Plus, Jones was able to get the Cowboys sponsorships with the direct competitors of the NFL sponsors in the 1990s, when Jones signed up the 'Boys with Nike and Pepsi when the league was aligned with Reebok and Coca-Cola.

But while the Cowboys are on top, it's a little surprising to find out that nearly three quarters of the league's franchises are worth more than one billion dollars. In fact, the top 25 are valued north of $900 million. The league is strong, and nothing is slowing it down.

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