Dalia Elliott Shows Off Her Amazing Beach Body

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aldo-vallon - November 29, 2017

 It is a good thing Dalia Elliot seems to spend a lot of time developing her abs because I think she will need as much core strength as she can get in order to support that upper body. She could always revert to the use of a back brace if her bosoms become too much to handle. Maybe she has a weird congenital defect where her boobs will not stop growing for as long as she lives. I do not want to get your hopes up because I know that sounds like a male fantasy, so I will confess I have no knowledge of such a condition in existence. I do think it is plausible, if both noses and ears can continue to grow for the entirety of a person's life then I see no reason why I shouldn't believe boobs can as well.

Men's ballsacks seem to keep growing despite any need for them to. I think that after all of this being said, I have made quite the compelling case for the perpetually burgeoning boobs. Maybe a made scientist can create a weaponized disease that will make this a reality.



Photo Credit: Backgrid

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