British Police Arrest A Dalek

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bill-swift - June 25, 2015

Exterminate! Exterminate!

When I was a kid my grandfather and I used to watch old Dr. Who episodes on PBS Sunday mornings. My Dr. was the great Tom Baker. The show has been on since the 60's in Britain and has had many incarnations of the good Dr. but one thing that has been constant throughout the series is the evil race of the Daleks. They are armored killing machines that only exist to exterminate other species. Why is not really explained. Because they are a-holes, I guess. But we know that Daleks aren't real. They are just the figment of the fevered imagination of English TV writers, right? Wrong.

British police had to taser and arrest a Dalek at an assisted living facility when the Dalek tried to "Exterminate! Exterminate!" A worker. Sure, the Dalek in question was less a metal cyborg with a death ray than it was a dwarf named Ian Salter-Bromley who stuck a suction cup to his head and put dominoes in his mouth and threatened to kill a worker named Joe. But still, this could signal the coming of the real Daleks. Beware, fool!

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