Dakota Johnson Sports Bra and Tights To Show Off Her Tight Tummy

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aldo-vallon - October 12, 2018

God bless Dakota Johnson for having the generosity to not put that sweatshirt on, and to instead strut across that street putting her complete form on display. This is the kind of selflessness that we need more of in our society. Do you think I walk from the bathroom to my bedroom completely naked because I always forget to bring my change of clothes in with me? Of course not. I do it as a treat for my nosey neighbors, and I do it at great personal risk to myself. When my feet are wet after a shower the entire hallway becomes a danger zone.

And if it turns out that Dakota Johnson did not refuse to put her sweatshirt on for our sakes and instead did it because she was feeling too hot for another layer, then God bless her subpar sweat glands for not cooling her off enough. We need more sweat glands like hers in our society. Women are too cold nowadays for my liking. If it was up to me they would be allowed no sweat glands and be forced to pant like dogs in order to cool down. Lucky for them I do not have that kind of power.



Photo Credit: MEGA