Dakota Fanning Major Pokies And Sexy Bikini

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earl-jonas - July 12, 2017

Dakota Fanning is not that innocent in a new Instagram picture where she flaunts all the pokies in a thin satin dress. Without a bra in sight, it seems as though the hot twenty-three-year-starlet knows exactly what she's doing. Fanning has been on a roll recently with her sexy looks, but this might just be the most revealing yet.  

In addition to cordially inviting us to the nip party, Fanning shows off her model-worthy face complete with dazzling green eyes. Her younger sister Elle Fanning has been chipping away at the spotlight since turning eighteen in April 2016, so we're glad to see that Dakota is stepping up her A-cup game. Sorry, had to. In case this sexy selfie isn't enough, head to the gallery to see her recent bikini pic, as well as other memorable Dakota moments. Do you want to take a trip to one of the Dakotas?


Photo Credit: Instagram