Daisy Lowe Extra Chesty For New Clothing Line

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bill-swift - July 29, 2015

So maybe this is a bit tame by Daisy Lowe boobtastic standards, but I will go anywhere, travel any distance, climb any mountain, to be in the vicinity of the beautiful mams of Lady Lowe. The Britty brunette just sends off a signal that tweaks my inner radar. I think it might be pheromones. Or those mighty impressive funbags.

Featured in a pimping spread for Reformation, the stunning Daisy shows why even in advertisements for women to shell out cash for clothing, she has something in the sextastic tank for the males of the species. Her big guns braless promotion ought be enough, but she is indeed sweet and hot all over. Daisy, I'm not giving up on you as my English FWB. You bring the tea, I'll bring the crumpets. I can't tell you how lonely these crumpets are. What happens when I pull that string on your shirt? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Reformation