Custom Movie Action Figures: For Collectors and Movie Fans Everywhere

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bill-swift - December 27, 2012

Action figures of characters from movies that aren't geared for kids are pretty hard to find. Toys from Iron Man and Batman? Yeah, those are easy to find. But figures from movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars? Not so much--until now, that is.

There's this eBay seller who has awesome-looking toys that are literally made for the big boys. If you've been looking to add Indiana Jones and Darth Vader to your collection, then now's your chance. Aside from action figures from movies, expect figures of some of your favorite (but lesser-known) characters from comic books, too. The coolest part? They come in packaging that looks so good, it's like you actually bought them at the toy store.

Since they're all custom-made, you can expected them to be of the limited edition kind.

Get It: $20 to $70

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