Crysis 3 Unleashes a Full Six Minute Gameplay Clip (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 17, 2012

If Iron Man and Hawkeye had a kid it would be Prophet from Crysis 3. The dude's nano suit makes him virtually allergic to ever hiding behind cover while being shot at (as you'll see in the video clip above) and he rocks the bow with custom arrows like Clint Barton. In this video, the damage indicator from incoming gunfire is on virtually the whole time he's battling in a giant terrarium looking thing, so he's not big on preserving his shields or health bar. The use of the arrows on the auto-turrets, however, is just what we come to expect from video games. Firing high powered bullets won't crack that turret armor, but a fancy arrow can not only pierce it but an explosive charge takes the whole thing out. Okay, whatever you say. Just make sure Crysis 3 looks amazing and we'll call it even.