Crysis 3 Continues to Show Off Wonders of New York in Video Series Helmed by American Pimp Director (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 11, 2013

Albert Hughes. American Pimp. Crysis 3. Let those three items swirl around in your brain for a few seconds before clicking on the trailer above.

As part of the run up to Crysis 3, Electronic Arts commissioned Albert Hughes to produce the multi-part series "The Seven Wonders of Crysis 3" and we're smack dab in the middle of the series schedule. In Crysis 3, evil, heavily armed corporate types are trying to control the lives of folks in a cut-off-from-the-rest-of-the-world New York City and, of course, it's up to you to undo all of that bad stuff. Futuristic weapons and a bow and arrow setup that does everything but aim for you are your tools of justice in this one.

Have a look at the Crysis 3 trailer above and then see if you can find a way to include the following clip from American Pimp in the narrative. I can.