Creepiest Costume Ever? Nicolas Cage Morphsuit

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bill-swift - November 1, 2013

Nicolas Cage is pretty scary in real life, especially when he does those crazy eyes. (Come on, Nic, what's up with that?) So it makes sense that some people would want to dress up as him this Halloween, because, you know, he's scarier than most actors in the business.

Imgur user RubberDogTurdsGIFS (real classy handle, don't you think?) took things one step further with her Nicolas Cage morphsuit. It's basically a full-body suit that's covered with a couple dozen images of Nic Cage. If the oddly stretched face doesn't creep you out, then the many images on its body will do it for you.

This definitely makes it to our list of strangest Halloween costumes this year. Check out more pics here .

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