Crash Baggage Already Looks Beat Up, Even When It’s Brand New

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bill-swift - February 12, 2013

The most exhausting part of any trip is the flight back home. With the fun part over, it becomes a huge pain to push your cart along the airport to wait for your bags to come rolling out of luggage carousel. It becomes an even larger pain once you realize that the ribbon you tied to it must've fallen off, because you're one of the last few standing around the carousel and can't seem to find your bag on the track.

Another travel horror story? Going on a trip with brand new and, not to mention, branded luggage that somehow looks like it's been trampled on by a dozen or so baby elephants once you spot it on the carousel. Again, not a very pretty sight or experience.

So wisen up. Instead of tying a bigger ribbon tighter or getting another set of designer luggage, get Crash Baggage. It's a line of travel bags that frankly looks like shit. Each bag is shipped out to you looking like it's been thrown around and kicked on by disgruntled airline workers, so there's no pressure of having to take care of it when you take it with you on your trip, no sirree.

Aside from that, you'll be able to spot it on the carousel fast because it'll easily be the most beat-up looking baggage in the mix. Unless, of course, someone else got themselves the Crash Baggage, too...

Get It: $135 and Up

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