Courtney Stodden Thicc Bikini Pics

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brian-mcgee - September 28, 2018

I love a nice, thicc woman, don't you? There are thick women and then there are thicc women and what makes a woman thicc is all based around how their curves are distributed. I look at Courtney Stodden lounging around in a bikini, though, and I think to myself, that right there is a thicc ass woman.

While I never bought Courtney Stodden's narrative that she was some innocent, wide-eyed teen who fell in love with Percy Wetmore from Green Mile. There was some sort of publicity at work in all of that, but if the worst thing to come out of all of it is our knowledge of who Courtney Stodden is, then I don't consider it a total loss.

I wonder what life without Courtney Stodden would be like. I imagine it'd be a lot like life is now, only with a little less sexiness in it. Like a fraction, but a noticeable amount. The kind of thing where people might feel like something was off but unable to put their finger on what it might be.

That's not a world any of us want to live in. Thank goodness none of us has to face this cold, cruel world without Courtney Stodden. It's just not a good way to live.

Photo Credit: Mega