Courtney Stodden Takes Her Teen Mammary Show on a Shopping Trip to Victoria’s Secret

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bill-swift - November 29, 2011

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing Courtney Stodden shopping for Victoria's Secret lingerie at The Grove is -- seriously, Dr. Drew, you are supporting the teen tramp queen's assertion that her boobs are real? Yeah, we were born at night, just not last night. But, moving past that bit of inexplicable anatomical oversight by Drew, we can only imagine how proud a 50-something husband is to guide his young, and I mean, young, bride to the mall for some panties and naughty under-thing purchases. It's really like an old-fashioned romance, I mean, old-fashioned as to a time before laws on statutory rape. Quite quaint.

There's no denying that Courtney Stodden is an attention getter, and attention seeker, or that we can't help but give it to her. We are not strong willed here. Enjoy.