Courtney Stodden Soaps Herself Up, and Hoses Herself Down

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bill-swift - May 25, 2012

I'll say this, the underaged bride does not go quietly into the night.

Now, I know there are many of you that say that if we all simply turn away from Courtney Stodden, the illicit teen made lawful only through marriage, that she will somehow disappear and this land will somehow become wholesome and innocent once more, but, yeah, that isn't going to happen. Cause there are also those of you who want to see all the indecency Celebrityville has to offer, including young brides of old men soaping up their bra covered bosoms for the sake of an ounce of fame or two-point-five ounces of gold in licensing fees, or thereabouts. There's just something about a train wreck that is hard to turn away from, even if you're not rooting for it obviously in the first place.

So, check out the latest incarnation of teen debauchery, if you like, or don't if you don't, while we ultimately prepare for a couple months from now when Courtney turns 18, at least on paper, God knows how old she really is now, and then all the remaining rules of society shall be cast aside and who knows what comes next. Enjoy.