Courtney Stodden Seems All Better Now

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Lex Jurgen - September 5, 2014

Courtney Stodden shared the only details of her life that we could possibly care about on the Couples Therapy reunion show on VH-1 when she announced she had fucked around on her older husband when they were separated. Outside of the thought of seeing Courtney passed around under various fat second tier managers and huckster promoters in Hollywood, I'm completely out of contexts for where she might be interesting:

"I wasn't acting like a married woman, that's for sureā€¦I was doing everything, I was going crazy, partying, meeting new people, sleeping around, I was doing it all."

I don't think there's a formal list of things not to say in front of your spouse after a reconciliation, but bragging about partying and fucking other men seems like something you might want to keep to yourself. In the video interview, Grandpa reveals not even a hint of reaction while his wife announces her extra-marital pillow biting adventures. This leads me to believe he's either deaf or the thought of being his age and still being able to pound your pud between the giant udders of a teenaged girl is compelling enough not to give a shit. Both seem equally plausible. As for Courtney, I don't know how she becomes slightly interesting again, short of a disfiguring ball bearing factory accident. Probably a plan for that in the works.

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