Courtney Stodden Hones Her Feminist Message

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Lex Jurgen - June 19, 2017

For every prudish chick in black horn rimmed glasses whose daddy wanted a boy, there's ten chicks with massive fake honkers on social media espousing the same feminist agenda. That's got to be frustrating. For the uptight women. The naked chicks with the big tits always have options.

In the old days, or before five years ago, women could be shameless attention whores without insisting upon the rationale of gender warriors. Let's call those, the good old days. Even if somewhat ironically the horribly cynical and disingenuous modern days have ten times the free tits. It's worth reexamining the nomenclature.

Courtney Stodden took a break from discussing her wine and SSRI mixing to inspire young women with a picture of her laying in what is best described as the Dime a Dance position at the brothel. She's impressive in the prone position. That's something you'd like inscribed on your tombstone.

Feminism to me means that a women should celebrate every part of her -- her mind, heart, soul, and body. We are all beautiful in our own special way. I live my life by allowing myself to feel empowered by every part of my being -- body included. Don't let anyone demonize your flesh. Your sexuality. Your heart. Or your soul. Women, let's stand in unity! It's 2017... we rock!#womenempowerment #nomakeup#justme

Be glad there are no hashtag police. Nomakeup can't rightfully be used when the better part of your body has been composed of silicone and centrifuged lard. There's enough bleach in your hair to make the Ivory Coast ebola free for six months. I could go on but I'm tributing your feminist visuals.

There's something disingenuous about assigning a higher purpose to a lower cause. Sure a murderer is decreasing the world's carbon footprint. But only in Portland would that see a jury nullification on his crimes. Isn't real female empowerment in saying I'm a whore and you fucking love it, so gimme my money? Or does Amber Rose own that commercial space? Turn toward the camera and complete your turn to the dark side. Also, we want to see what reconstructed nipples look like.

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