Courtney Stodden Giant Juicy Bikini Cleavage In These Scenes From ‘Love Addict’

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aldo-vallon - October 16, 2018

One benefit to being Courtney Stodden must be that she can never be bored. When one is as stacked as she is, she can always resort to the entertainment of our ancestors and just play with her boobs. Thankfully that kind of behavior is seen as acceptable for a woman. I mean, it is not applauded, but it also isn’t illegal. If a man tried to play with any of his sexual parts in public he would have to give up his lifelong dream of being a teacher, a punishment that I stand behind with all my heart, by the way.

All I am saying is Courtney does not need to worry about her phone being fully charged before she starts traveling because of her solid fall back plan. The best fall back that I have is a tic-tac-toe board I have tattooed on my body. It does serve as a good ice breaker with strangers, but it is only good for one game before it is out of commission until my next shower. And if I lose it serves as a shameful reminder of one of my many inadequacies.



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin