Courtney Stodden Covered Nekkid Gifts for a Very Pink Christmas

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bill-swift - December 21, 2012

You just knew Courtney Stoddenwas going to do something daring for her barely legal Christmas, and while she's yet to bare all, we have a sneak peek for you at her rather racy pink-Xmas photoshoot, with nothing but for a few presents between Courtney and her first fully nekkid photoshoot.

Now, we have ribbed Courtney many times in the past for her visual assault on the traditions of our major holidays, but, meh, we're lazy and we're clearly facing an unstoppable wanton force. So, rather than call out Courtney for her degradation of the Yuletide season, we'll just mention that, as we finally can, Courtney's body is finally coming into its own, a real woman, a wife to her grandpa, and somebody who seems willing to drop her drawers for a little holiday magic. Accentuate the positive. Enjoy.