Courtney Stodden Bust Busts Out of Her Dress in Hollywood

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bill-swift - August 10, 2013

I think I've spotted the new game plan for Courtney Stodden. Get enormous new breasts. Show off enormous new breasts whenever possible in public. I can't say I'm ever against any plans related to the public exhibition of the boobtastic. I'd hate to ever be the guy who starts putting conditions on which women can or can not show off their chests in public, when they can do so, how much, etc. I always worry that once you start drawing lines, the curves go away. And God knows, we have plenty of people in our world who spend much of their life's energy trying to get women to cover up. Having said that, Courtney Stodden might be close to jumping the shark. Or, at least smashing that shark on the head with a giant pair of DDD implants until it swims away bruised and battered to go warn all its shark friends.

Courtney was doing her new routine outside the Chateau Marmont last night, flashing ten acres of chest-front property for any and all to see. I think even her creepy old husband was trying to put a shawl around her, to no avail. But, avail ourselves of these visuals we shall. For we never forsake the funbags, lest Karma ever deem to take them away from us. Enjoy.