Courtney Stodden Boobtastic Bo Peep

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bill-swift - November 26, 2015

Courtney Stodden decked herself and her enormous teats out as Little Bo Peep for a PETA event. It's unclear how the costume related to the particular goals of the animal rights organization, but Courtney left me thinking about a mutton chop and places you could easily hide a solid amount of mint jelly on Courtney's expanded frame.

Courtney's been big into disguises and dress up since arriving in Tinsel Town as the teenage bride of the guy from Lost. There's nothing little about this Bo Peep persona, save for the impact it will ultimately have on meat eaters. Carnivorous instinct doesn't just explain the reason we have lamb on the menu, it explains the core appeal of Courtney Stodden herself. Raw basic instinct. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sun Of Hollywood