Courtney Stodden And Her DD’s Kicked Out of the Big Brother House

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bill-swift - September 13, 2013

Courtney Stodden evicted is not a phrase you'd expect to hear everyday. Maybe every other day at most. But, despite being the biggest boobed contestant in The Celebrity Big Brother UK House, and also flashing her bare top at some point for the cameras, whoever it is who decides these things kicked Courtney out of the house and of the show. So she made her walk of shame, which she seemed pretty well-versed in, showing off the chestal boulders that will no longer be readily seen by British TV viewers.

I can't say if people laughed or cried or just kissed two shillings goodbye. But I can say everybody is excited for what comes next for Courtney Stodden, I mean, within the range of adult fare possibilities. I kid, Courtney, I kid. Sort of. Enjoy.