Courtney Love Bikini Pictures are Very Scary

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bill-swift - March 30, 2007

So, normally, when I post celebrity bikini pictures, I'm all "wow, she's hot," or "OMG!!!" Well, today it's definitely "OMG," but for a different reason. Today it's "Oh My God, I think my eyes just melted inside my skull." So be careful, these Courtney Love bikini pictures might kill you.

No, really. You might want to think twice about looking at these. Her haggard, surgically altered face. Her droopy, liposuctioned body. The strange radiation that she emits, which is probably leaking through your computer screen right now. You might want to put on a Hazmat suit.

I don't know if Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain, but she definitely killed my desire to look at women in bikinis. She makes me wish these were Tara Reid Bikini Pictures.

Warning! More Courtney Love bikini pictures after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash