Corinne Olympios Proudly Displays Her Pert Little Ass In Skin-Filled Instagram Shots

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aldo-vallon - August 7, 2018

That is one hell of a nice bathtub. If I had a tub like that, instead of the glorified port-a-potty that is currently in my bathroom, I would never take another shower in my life. What would be the point? I would work remotely from work every day. Well, I would find a job that allowed me to work remotely, and then I would do it every day. I would marinade in a bubble bath until my skin pruned worse than a ninety year old woman’s.

I suppose my current bath tub is not so bad. It is not a full-fledged port-a-potty. My roommate only does number ones in there, which isn’t so bad. Nothing a little undiluted bleach cannot solve. And the bleach has the added benefit of killing all of the other bacteria and mold that chooses to homestead in there.

I bet Corinne’s tub is so clean she does not even have to wear her sneakers when she gets in it. There is probably no risk to her getting a fungus, or as of yet undiscovered infection. Pssh, the privileged lives that models get to live. Well, at least my life gives me character, and when I am fortunate it also gives me a shot of penicillin.


Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA