Corinne Olympios Hits the Town in Sheer Stretch Pants

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bill-swift - October 1, 2017

If America is anything, it's a forgiving land. Most especially of its hot blonde reality show disasters who stick around and keep showing off to remind you all reality show people are disasters of one sort or another, and we really should only judge by hotness and skin. Life can be so simple if only you let it be so.

Corinne Olympios rather disgraced herself by claiming she was sexually assaulted during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise several months ago. Her claims were investigated and proven to be without merit, to which she ceded rather quickly. That's not to say the show itself isn't cast in a rapey pall, it is. But her specific claims led her to become something of a pariah among passion inducing hotties who will do anything to be on TV.

Now, Corinne seems to be dedicated to rededicating her public image. As best done by coming out at night in stretched thing stretch pants and yoga gear for evening wear. As you can tell by the glares of the camera, it does rather work. We are basic creatures at heart. We basically want women who make our heart race and send blood racing to the extremities. Pedigrees in that moment become so super unimportant. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News