Conveniently Gross: A Complete Christmas Meal In A Can

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bill-swift - December 21, 2013

Don't have time to cook? Can't afford a six-course meal for Christmas? Fret not. There's another way to have Christmas dinner--and all the courses you want--in an instant: the Christmas Tinner.

It's literally an entire meal in a can. Each course is layered one after the other, starting with scrambled eggs and bacon, two mince pies, and turkey and potatoes. Yum. That's followed by gravy, bread sauce, and cranberry sprouts, because what's turkey without all these additions? Brussels sprouts with stuffing comes after, followed by a layer of roast carrots and parsnips. The entire meal is capped off with a generous layer of Christmas pudding.

The best/weirdest/grossest part? You can actually have a bit of each with every bite.

The Christmas Tinner is just a concept by video game retailer GAME. If it were real, would you dare eat it, though?

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