Comic-Con’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Mash-up Reminds Us What a Long, Brutal Trip It’s Been (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 23, 2013

Blah blah blah, Comic-Con. Breaking Bad isn't over yet. Shit, the end of the best show on television hasn't even quite begun yet. We have more than two weeks to wait for that.

But Comic-Con reminded us with a ridiculously astute video mash-up that I might need to use those two-plus weeks to rewatch the entire series again.  I get the impression that I'm not alone -- quite a few people have probably already been furiously binge-watching all five and half seasons. And why not? It's the best show on television, after all. 

Before we rush off and cut into valuable other-TV-binging-time, the video above may just be sufficient. From the mash-up, we see every death, every key moment, and especially the two crucial lines from the first season -- Jesse's 'What, you think some straight like you is just gonna break bad?' and Walter's 'Every thing I've done, I've done for my family.' Oh man, remember when Walt was a good guy? Remember when Jesse thought he knew the score? Crazy times.

Binge or no-binge, August 11th is when the end begins for Breaking Bad. Blah blah blah, Comic-Con.